SANBWA’s main role with respect to environmental stewardship is to ensure our members’ environmental responsibility is met. We achieve this by including benchmarks and minimum requirements in our SANBWA Standard (you can read about them here), and measuring member compliance during the annual SANBWA Standard audit.

We also strive to educate consumers on industry efforts, and their own role and responsibility with regards to bottled water products. Please see our frank information about the green credentials of PET alternatives here.

Very importantly, because most bottlers bottle water in PET bottles, and PET bottles make up approximately 70% of the total PET market in South Africa (with thermoformed trays, edible-oil bottles, jars, strapping and films accounting for the balance), SANBWA and our members support formal recycling efforts initiative within the industry by bottling members and suppliers/converters, and facilitate the recycling process by providing information to all players.